Nov 2, 2017 — Nov 25, 2017,  Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA

A selection of artwork that will be on display and for sale beginning November, 2017.


Stay tuned for more pictures of work, coming soon... In the meantime, please enjoy these descriptions of the moment:



"The elegance of a bird in any action is memorable.  In spring a male merganser preens where all its kin can see.  Its actually displaying its beauty which  is not lost on observing female mergansers.  The fine condition of its plumage with its sleek patterns of feathers also conveys its fitness and good choice as a mate."



"For many youngsters who pursued the art of falconry, a kestrel was among the first birds they flew.  So was the case with my earliest days in company with birds of prey.  No longer a falconer, I'm nevertheless always on the watch for them waiting patiently atop a telephone pole or hovering over a field.   Their presence is a subtle and beautiful reminder that you are amid a healthy habitat alive with sustenance for these small falcons."



"Alone in the woods at night I've sometimes watched the small saw-whet owls thread through the dark corridor of branches above our creek. Soundlessly catching  moths on the wing they bring the otherwise mute forest alive with their spirited chases and metallic calls." 



"With one of my less than polished raven calls, I recently interrupted a serious "discussion" ravens were having amid the woods near my studio on Lopez Island.  Upon seeing me, one of the birds turned my direction on its perch and growled a scolding call in my direction.  "How dare you" it seemed to say before flying off with the other ravens to resume their exchanges uninterrupted."



"Like much of what I do in sculpture the metaphorical element emerges as I complete the piece.  A peregrine falcon, commits to flight and does so with power and purpose.  The moment is not unlike one we experience when we push off from the security of the known and into the rewards an possibilities of what lies ahead -- life requires it from time to time."