Tony Angell has authored and illustrated many books. Here is a selection of these titles.

The House of Owls


"Angell writes and draws with the absolute authority of one who has studied, rehabilitated, lived with and loved the animals his entire life."

- The Wall Street Journal Book Review, April 2015

Winner of the 2015 National Outdoor Book Award


Gifts of the Crow


"Angell’s illustrations of birds are exquisitely detailed... the book will instill in many readers a sense of wonder and curiosity at what these birds can do." 

- Kirkus Review of Books


Puget Sound Through An Artist's Eye


"If this were a 'mere' coffee-table book showcasing Angell's birds, it would still be magnificent. But it is, first, a celebration of the Sound . . . and second, an inquiry into the artist's craft. " 

- Living Bird Magazine

  Finalist for the 2010 Washington State Book Award


In the Company of Crows and Ravens


"This is a work bursting with fresh ideas, rich in speculation, while also managing to survey, in highly accessible terms, the full spectrum of research into this fascinating bird group."

- BBC Wildlife Magazine

Winner of the Victoria and Albert Design Award

Winner of the 2005 Washington State Book Award for Nonfiction


Blackbirds of the Americas



  Winner of the 1984 Washington State Book Award


Marine Birds and Mammals of Puget Sound



Winner of the 1984 Washington State Book Award


Ravens, Crows, Magpies and Jays



    Winner of the 1978 Washington State Book Award





Birds of Prey of the Pacific Northwest Coast



Winner of the 1972 Washington State Book Award