JUNE 2018

On June 7, Tony gave the commencement speech for the University of Washington Department of Communications 2018 graduating class. It was an immense honor.

"J. Anthony (Tony) Angell was recognized as the 2018 Distinguished Alumnus. As the keynote speaker, Angell spoke about his own capacity as a communicator, and how “those particular skills were formed from the basic tools that you [students] have, from the experience that you’ve had here at the University. Do not ever forget them,” he admonished the crowd. “Because the older you get, and the more you step into the world, the greater you understand how important they are, regardless of what professional commitment you might make.”

Watch the full commencement speech below.

MAY 2018

Tony is honored to be named as The Rainier Club's 2018 Laureate, an award given to honor a creative professional with ties to the Pacific Northwest. 

"[Angell] epitomizes the Pacific Northwest through his written and visual talents, giving others a strong appreciation for our region and its many wonders."

Thank you, Rainier Club!

 Excerpt from The Rainier Review

Excerpt from The Rainier Review

APRIL 2018

Tony has been hard at work on a monument for Seattle University ...


... which was finally installed this month! See it in person on the Seattle University campus.

 Tony and wife Lee, looking very pleased at the piece's installation! (Bob Peterson)

Tony and wife Lee, looking very pleased at the piece's installation! (Bob Peterson)

 It was a real group effort -- thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. (Bob Peterson)

It was a real group effort -- thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. (Bob Peterson)


Since the late 1960s, Angell has been writing on, speaking about and showing work related to nature and his relationship to the natural world. He has affiliated with the Foster/White Gallery in Seattle since l972, and has had regular showings of both sculptures and drawings there.  

Below are a sample of catalogues from past shows for your review.



Nov 2, 2017 — Nov 25, 2017

"Alone in the woods at night I've sometimes watched the small saw-whet owls thread through the dark corridor of branches above our creek. Soundlessly catching moths on the wing, they bring the otherwise mute forest alive with their spirited chases and metallic calls."

See selected works from Angell's most recent show here.


The House of Owls, 2015

Foster/White Gallery, SEATTLE, WA.

"... For twenty five years, Tony and his family lived in close company with Western screech owls during which time he developed a great respect and attachment to them and they became a major focus of his art and writing ..."

View catalogue.



Spirit Companions, 2013

Foster/White Gallery, SEATTLE, WA.

"... Each subject brings a whispered secret to share of its particular place. The artist becomes the translator and conveyor of the message ..."

View catalogue.


Celebrating Form, 2012

Foster/White Gallery. SEATTLE, WA.

"... I've spent over 40 years interpreting my subjects -- most were occasionally residents at my studio and certainly immediately accessible to me in the natural areas near my home... "

View catalogue.


Conversation with Nature in Bronze and Stone, 2012

Foster/White Gallery, SEATTLE, WA.

"Tony Angell employs his art to creatively clarify, record and emotionally respond to the powerful presence of Nature in the Pacific Northwest... "

View catalogue.


From Wild Skies, 2005

Gerald/Peters Gallery, SANTA FE, NM.

Group show with Lars Jonsson and Thomas Quinn.